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Full Enrollment
High School
Support Only
Full Enrollment
Grammar School
Language Arts and Math skills assessment X   X
Academic Packet with assessment evaluation from your family’s STAA academic advisor, book ordering information, introduction to the courses recommended for your student, and notes or course plans for math, languages, and English Mechanics X   X
Annual Course of Study Planning appointment between teaching-parents and academic advisor X   X
Monthly Advisor Support appointments for teaching-parents X   X
Progress Check appointments with teaching-parent and high school advisor (high school student may join conversation if desired) X    
High school student may elect to participate in the semester reporting and diploma program (annual Semester Reporting Orientation appointment included).  Grammar school students may add this option; $35 per K-8 student, per school year. X   X
Teaching-parent access to STAA Member Support Site X X X
Student access to online, graded quizzes for many of STAA’s key courses (quizzes available from August 1st through June 30th) X X  
Year-round e-mail support for questions about course plans and assignments available to teaching-parents and high school students.  E-mail support is available for the parents of grammar school students, but not grammar school students themselves. X X X
One copy of the 2014-15 High School Orientation booklet for each family with an enrolled high school student X X  
One 30-minute orientation appointment between teaching-parent and STAA high school advisor to register for STAA courses and confirm which STAA Study Guides to purchase   X  
Books, materials, and STAA Study Guides purchased separately through the academy’s recommended suppliers or your favorite suppliers. X X X

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