This is a six-semester course guided by high school advisor Bethany Boedecker.  The course covers high school grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.  Special topics on communication skills, writing style, critical thinking, advanced reading skills, study skills, note-taking techniques, and word choice are added to the study of the primary workbooks: Jensen's GrammarJensen's Punctuation, and Jensen's Vocabulary. 

A weekly scheduled discussion -- called the STAA Inklings Meeting -- is hosted by Miss Bethany via telephone and webinar for students to review their work in the Communication Skills course.  During the meetings, students will be given opportunities to discuss any questions they may have about their other STAA courses as well.  While attending all meetings is encouraged, there is no penalty for missing meetings.  Students may attend as often as their schedules allow.  

IMPORTANT: Students must reserve a "seat" for the weekly meeting by visiting at least one day before the meeting.  Reservations can be made up to six weeks in advance.

✍ Short-answer responses to quiz content will be graded by Miss Bethany the morning of the scheduled discussions.  Student responses that are not completed the previous day will not be graded.  Teaching-parents may elect to review late responses with their students, but no grade will show for late responses in the online gradebook. 

The Student Zone orientation course page for students in Grades 8 through 12.

Private area of the Student Zone for the leadership of the Stinklings book club.