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Introduction to Classical Studies is your lesson plan for Golden Children's Bible, D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths, and Famous Men of Rome.  STAA adds Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of Rome for the stronger vocabulary and geography activity, and for the critical thinking/oral discussion aspect.





Introduction to Classical Studies; Teacher Guide

  • Author: Cheryl Lowe
  • Publisher/Copyright: San Bernardino, CA: Memoria Press, 2nd ed., 2013. Softcover.
  • ISBN: 1930953151        9781615383559
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

90 pages; 30 lessons; teacher guide to Golden Children's Bible, Famous Men of Rome, D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. Pp. 4-12: "Introduction," "Book Selections," "How to Use This Guide," "Greek Mythology," "Rome & America," "Christ Conquers Caesar" graphic. Pp. 13-73: "Lesson Plans," for Weeks 1 through 30. Pp. 75-90; Appendix: "Greek Myths Lists" worksheet, "D'Aulaires' Pronunciation Guide, "Who Said That?" graphic w/answer key; "Moons of the Planets" list keyed to page numbers in the guide, "Planets" graphic, "Roman History Timeline" and "Old Testament Timeline" worksheets w/answer keys, and then several maps and additional questons for oral discussion.


Famous Men of Rome

  • Author: John Haaren; A.B. Poland
  • ISBN: 1882514033        
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

Greenleaf Press, Lebanon, TN; 1989, 1904; 154 pages; 30 lessons; 2 prefaces;


Greenleaf Guide to the Famous Men of Rome

  • Author: Cynthia Shearer
  • ISBN: 1882514041        9781882514045
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

Greenleaf Press, Lebanon, TN; 1995, 1989; 57 pages; 30 lessons; timeline; activity guide with additional recommended literature selections


D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths

  • Author: Ingri and Edgar Parin D’Aulaire
  • ISBN: 0440406943        9780440406945
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

Bantam Doubleday Dell Publ. Group, Inc.; NY, NY; 1962; 192 pages; 4 parts; 46 chapters; index; Caldecott winning illustrations;


Ancient Rome (Cultural Atlas for Young People)

  • Author: Mike Corbishley
  • Publisher/Copyright: New York: Chelsea House, July, 2007. Print.
  • ISBN: 081605147X        9780816068227
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

96 pages; timeline; glossary; index. 3rd edition, revised, illustrated.




Introductions to Classical Studies; Student Guide

  • Author: Cheryl Lowe
  • Publisher/Copyright: San Bernardino, CA: Memoria Press, 2013/2nd ed.. Softcover workbook.
  • ISBN:        9781615383221
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

Memoria Press. 90 pages. Pp. 4-12: notes, instructions, overviews. Pp. 13-73: week-by-week worksheets paralleling "Introduction to Classical Studies" lessons. Pp. 75-89/Appendix: "Greek Myths Lists" worksheet; "D'Aulaires' Pronunciation Guide"; "Who Said That?" worksheet; "Moons of the Planets" guide keyed to pertinent teacher guide lessons; "Planets" graphic; "Roman History Timeline" and "Old Testament Timeline" worksheets; map worksheets and geographical helps.





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We have all enjoyed the way STAA ties the courses together for the whole family.

Alyse M.


Thanks for all you do on your end to help make our homeschooling academically, intellectually, spiritually, and morally enriching!!



My advisor helps me to understand what needs to be done and how to make it really fun for the kids. What I really like are the tips she gives me for dealing with the little ones while trying to school the older ones.



This is our first year homeschooling. STAA and [our advisor] have made this a very easy transition. We have had a great year!

Gwen H.


I really don't know what I would do without your kindness, and very helpful advice. You are a blessing to our family.



The assessment testing was quick and easy to do, so I didn't expect much valuable feedback. Boy was I wrong!!! It was like my advisor had met my kids and spent hours/days with them.

Mary Ellen


We have been so very happy with our first year with STAA! Thank you for walking me through it and for all the fantastic resources and materials we are using. There is not one we don't like!



Our family so enjoyed our wonderful relationship with STAA as our [son] worked his way through high school. It was a wonderful and outstanding experience for him and we continue to suggest your program to all those who are looking for an excellent homeschool experience.

Debra S.


Since I am writing, I will also sing more praises of the Greek Studies plan. [My daughter] moaned over the timed-essay and then did very well. So easy to implement with the choose one reflection topic from each subject and then get ready, get set, go! Apparently the school also gave suggestions for the process essay in "Format Writing." Thank you! For a mom of many this is real time saver.

Alisa from Indiana

mother of 9th grade daughter and several STAA graduates

The academy works as a team to accomplish for your family specific ideas or needs for education, but more importantly, what each individual in your family needs, even Mom.



God bless you for the job you are doing -- the peace you have helped us find as a family is priceless!



We can’t imagine going without these wonderful, enhanced lesson plans! Thank you!

On the STAA Study Guides


I especially appreciate the advice and wise counsel I receive from the St. Thomas Aquinas Academy staff during our phone appointments and their understanding of my children's needs.

Stephen T.


It is a thrill to receive the delightfully arranged weekly guidelines from STAA that keep us on track but allow for flexibility.

Dee Dee C.


I can honestly say that our children have blossomed into well rounded individuals because of your program.

Diane B.