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Child’s Bible History and Beginner’s Bible.  Two to three times weekly for 20 to 30 minutes.


About 20 to 30 minutes per day, two or three days weekly, for three or four weeks per month.

Scheduling Suggestions: 3x/wk for 30min


Child’s Bible History

  • Author: Most Rev. F. J. Knecht D.D.
  • Publisher/Copyright: Rockford, IL: TAN Books and Publishers, 1936, 1973, 2009. Print.
  • ISBN: 0895550059        978-0895550057
  • Supplier: Emmanuel Books

TAN Books; Rockford, IL; 1936, 1973; 87 pgs.; 67 lessons; 43 Illus; Nihil Obstat/Imprimatur.


This and The Beginner's Bible are your religion and history texts this year.  This is a Catholic narration of the Bible in chronological order.  Read a selection aloud to your student, then have your child answer the questions following the reading, orally.  After this reading, hand him The Beginner

Beginner’s Bible

  • Author: Karyn Henley
  • Publisher/Copyright: Colorado Springs: ZonderKidz, 1997. Print.
  • ISBN: 0310926106        978-0310926108
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

528 pages; 95 stories; index. It is worth ordering the out-of-print "Beginner's Bible" by Karyn Henley. The publisher has reissued the book under the same title, but with new artwork and a different author rewriting the content. The new version will serve, but the Henley version is preferred by most. Our course plans refer to the Henley version. Rainbow Resource carries only the new


After reading from A Childs Bible History, have your student find and read the related chapter from this book aloud.  Be ver-r-ry patient as your little one locates the corresponding stories; this is a new research skill and will take some time for him to learn.  Not all selections have a corresponding story, but let him search that out for himself (as he is able to endure it without undue frustration).  This course exercises reading practice (about Little Angel Reader C-D level), study skills, religion and history.
For quarterly reporting report progress by page numbers; for a work sample, take a copy of the students favorite story, both teacher and student sign and date it at the bottom.  (Or, the student is welcome to draw his favorite character and copy the name of the character at the bottom of the page, or some remarks he gives you about his favorite story.)





Preparatory Week A: Use this school week to gather the materials for this course and thoroughly read the book notes, course notes, and, if applicable, the weekly lesson plan in your St. Thomas Aquinas Academy curriculum guide.


Preparatory Week B: Use this school week to complete Preparatory Week A and explore the materials for this course. Flip through all of this course’s materials. Make mental notes about the design and organization the resources for the course (editor’s notes, table of contents, maps, charts, forms, appendices, glossaries, bibliographies, end notes, internet supports, etc.).

Child’s Bible History: The Creation of the World; The Creation and the Fall of the Angels; The Creation of the First Man—Paradise
The Beginner’s Bible: The Beginning; The Special Helper


Child’s Bible History: The Fall of our First Parents; The Punishment of our First Parents—The Promise of a Savior; Cain and Abel.
The Beginner’s Bible: A Sad Day


Child’s Bible History: The Building of the Ark; The Deluge; Noe’s Offering—The Rainbow.
The Beginner’s Bible: The First Rainbow; A Tall Tower.


Child’s Bible History: The Call of Abraham; The Sacrifice of Abraham.
The Beginner’s Bible: A New Land; The Promise; A Wife for Isaac; The Blessing; Jacob’s Dream.


Child’s Bible History: Joseph is Hated by his Brothers; Joseph is Sold by his Brothers; Joseph in the House of Putiphar.
The Beginner’s Bible: A Big Family; The Dreamer.


Child’s Bible History: Joseph in Prison; The Exaltation of Joseph; The Sons of Jacob Go to Egypt.
The Beginner’s Bible: A Secret Message; A Surprise Visit.


Child’s Bible History: Benjamin’s Journey to Egypt; The Silver Cup of Joseph—He makes himself Known to his Brothers; Jacob’s Journey to Egypt.


Child’s Bible History: The Birth of Moses; The Flight of Moses—The Burning Bush.
The Beginner’s Bible: A Basket Boat; The Burning Bush.


Child’s Bible History: The Ten Plagues of Egypt; The Paschal Lamb; The Passage of the Red Sea.
The Beginner’s Bible: Hard Times for Egypt; The Sea Rolls Back.


Child’s Bible History: The Miracles Wrought in the Desert; The Ten Commandments.
The Beginner’s Bible: Manna, Quail, and Water; God’s Rules.


Child’s Bible History: The Israelites in the Promised Land—The Heathen Nations.
The Beginner’s Bible: Twelve Spies; A Talking Donkey; A Wall Falls Down; Trumpets and Torches; Long and Strong.


The Beginner’s Bible: Ruth; A Special Prayer; A Voice at Night; The First King;  A Good Heart; The Giant.


The Beginner’s Bible: Best Friends; King David; Solomon; Food from Birds.


The Beginner’s Bible: A Jar and a Jug; The True God;  The Chariot of Fire; Jars of Oil.


The Beginner’s Bible: A Room on the Roof; Naaman; A Boy King ; Food for Daniel.


The Beginner’s Bible: In the Fire; Spending the Night with Lions; Inside a Fish; The Angel’s Secret.



Preparatory Week C: This is a bonus week. Use it for Semester 1 catch-up, corrections, review, assessment testing, standardized testing, or semester reporting (Semester 1 reporting packets are due February 28th). Welcome/assessment packets for the upcoming school year may be ordered as early January 10th. Families are strongly encouraged to complete and return assessment tests by April


Preparatory Week D: This is a second bonus week. Complete Preparatory Week C or begin the Semester 2 course plan.

Child’s Bible History: The Birth of John the Baptist is Announced; The Angel Gabriel Announces the Birth of Christ; Mary Visits her Cousin Elizabeth.


Child’s Bible History: The Birth of Jesus Christ; An Angel Announces to the Shepherd the Birth of Christ; The Adoration of the Three Wise Men from the East.
The Beginner’s Bible: The Most Special Baby; Good News; Blessing for the Baby. Visitors from the East.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus is Presented in the Temple; The Flight into Egypt.
The Beginner’s Bible: Running Away; The Man Who Could Not Talk.


Child’s Bible History: The Child Jesus Remains Three Days in the Temple; John the Baptist, Precursor of Jesus, Preaches and Baptizes; Jesus is Baptized by John.
The Beginner’s Bible: Lost!; In the Jordan River; Helpers and Friends.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Works His First Miracle at a Wedding in Cana; Jesus Teaches the People, and Heals the Sick; Jesus Raises from the Dead the Son of the Widow Naim.
The Beginner’s Bible   (Read as many of these chapters as you can this week; it may not be possible to read them all): A Wedding Party; Through the Roof; On a Mountain; A Sick Servant; The Farmer’s Seeds; A Tiny Seed and a Big Tree; The Net; The Treasure and the Pearl.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Stills the Tempest; Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand with Five Loaves.
The Beginner’s Bible (Read as many of these chapters as you can this week; it may not be possible to read them all): Wind and Waves; One Touch; A Big Picnic; Walking on Water; Open Eyes; Money in a Fish; A Good Neighbor.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray; Jesus Tells the Parable of Dives and Lazarus.
The Beginner’s Bible (Read as many of these chapters as you can this week; it may not be possible to read them all): Listening; The Woman Who Could Not Stand Up; The Lost Sheep; The Lost Coin; The Lost Son; The Man Who Remembered.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Blesses the Children; Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead.
The Beginner’s Bible: The Children; The Blind Beggar; A Small Man; Two Small Coins; The Man at the Pool.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Gives the Commandment of Love; Jesus Describes the Last Judgment.
The Beginner’s Bible: Mary’s Gifts; Make Way for the King; Washing Feet.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Institutes the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
The Beginner’s Bible: The Last Supper.


Child’s Bible History: The Agony of Jesus in the Garden; Jesus is Seized; Jesus is Sentences to Death by the Council; Jesus is Scourged.
The Beginner’s Bible: Sadness.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus is Crowned with Thorns; Jesus is Shown to the People and Condemned to Death; Jesus Carries His Heavy Cross.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus is Crucified; Jesus Speaks His Last Seven Words and Dies; Jesus is Pierced with a Spear and Laid in the Sepulcher.


Child’s Bible History: Jesus Rises from the Dead; Jesus Appears to His Disciples; Jesus Bestows on Peter the Supreme Pastorship.
The Beginner’s Bible: Surprise; Fish for Breakfast.


Child’s Bible History: The Ascension of Jesus Christ.
The Beginner’s Bible: Jesus Goes Home.


Child’s Bible History: Descent of the Holy Ghost; The Church of Christ Begins to Spread all over the Earth.
The Beginner’s Bible: Wind and Fire; Peter and John and the Beggar; A Bright Light; Paul and Silas in Jail; The Door into Heaven.



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This is our first year homeschooling. STAA and [our advisor] have made this a very easy transition. We have had a great year!

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I really don't know what I would do without your kindness, and very helpful advice. You are a blessing to our family.



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Since I am writing, I will also sing more praises of the Greek Studies plan. [My daughter] moaned over the timed-essay and then did very well. So easy to implement with the choose one reflection topic from each subject and then get ready, get set, go! Apparently the school also gave suggestions for the process essay in "Format Writing." Thank you! For a mom of many this is real time saver.

Alisa from Indiana

mother of 9th grade daughter and several STAA graduates

The academy works as a team to accomplish for your family specific ideas or needs for education, but more importantly, what each individual in your family needs, even Mom.



God bless you for the job you are doing -- the peace you have helped us find as a family is priceless!



We can’t imagine going without these wonderful, enhanced lesson plans! Thank you!

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