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Faith & Life 1 : Our Heavenly Father for religion (and art appreciation!  See FA-303/Art Appreciation below.)


RELIGION:  Course Number: REL-282 Religion 1
Faith & Life I student book only.  Faith & Life I is the story of salvation written for little ones through Jesus’s ascension, and an added few lessons about the Mass.  There are 35 catechism questions to explore or memorize and five prayers to memorize.  One day of the week cuddle up together and read through and discuss the chapter orally, exploring or memorizing the Catechism questions as you come to them, and memorizing the prayers as you come to them.
ART APPRECIATION:  Course Number:  FA-303 Art Appreciation
Beautiful art plates of the masterpieces are used instead of illustration in the Faith & Life series (except for Faith & Life 2/First Sacraments Preparation), making the series a valuable introduction to the great masters of art.  
         For Art Appreciation, on another day of the week from Religion study, cut the art works out of the chapter you studied that week and glue them to sturdy paper.  Below the picture, have the student trace your model, Mom, of the name of the piece and its artist.  Work through an “Art with an Active Eye Notebook” worksheet (—gently, gently, gently, getting to know this worksheet over a year or two or three's time).  Do a picture study with the print.  Review the Catechism questions and the prayers introduced in the chapter.  Then snap the art into a binder labeled “Art with an Active Eye Notebook.”
       Group the works together in the notebook by artist.  (An art timeline will be developed about Grade 6, using these art works.)  Add any notes or thoughts or information about the paintings or the artists that the child comes across to the back of these pages—forever!
       Fra Angelico’s art work is used most in Faith & Life 1; spend a quarter getting to know Fra Angelico and his art this year, using these art plates as a starting point.  Help the children put together a simple Draw Write Now-style report about him, with a graphic glued to the page about or by the artist, and a five- sentence paragraph traced or copied or glued to the bottom of the page.  Add this page to the “Art with an Active Eye Notebook,” filed in front of Fra Angelico’s masterpieces.
Using these recommendations, you have studied religion, composition, visual presentation, research skills, organizational skills, penmanship and art appreciation.  Enjoy!
The "Art with an Active Eye Notebook" form
is available on the Member Support Site,,
and can be used as a parent guide for discussing the different art works
or as an independent worksheet.

Scheduling Suggestions: 3x/wk for 30min


Faith and Life 1: Our Heavenly Father (Student Book)

  • Author: Daria Sockey
  • ISBN: 0898707048        
  • Supplier: Emmanuel Books

Ignatius Press, San Francisco, CA; 1987, 2003; Imprimatur; 133 pgs.; 29 chapters; glossary; 5 apendices, 27 art plates with reference list; teacher manual and activity guide not needed.


The activity guide and teacher guide are not necessary.
       For quarterly reporting, report by pages covered; for a work sample, send a copy of one of the pictures from his favorite chapter and add a list of the prayers memorized and the Catechism questions, listed by number, covered over the quarter to the back of that copy.  Have your student sign and date the picture.


DOWNLOAD: Art-with-an-Active-Eye Notebook Worksheet

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • Publisher/Copyright: Reno: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, 2002. PDF document.
  • ISBN: n/a        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Log in to the Member Support Site at and search for "Art with an Active Eye" in the search box or click on the "Courses & Downloads" link. A paper copy is also included with your STAA Handbook. There is a grammar school and a high school version of this worksheet.






Preparatory Week A: Use this school week to gather the materials for this course and thoroughly read the book notes, course notes, and, if applicable, the weekly lesson plan in your St. Thomas Aquinas Academy curriculum guide.


Preparatory Week B: Use this school week to complete Preparatory Week A and explore the materials for this course. Flip through all of this course’s materials. Make mental notes about the design and organization the resources for the course (editor’s notes, table of contents, maps, charts, forms, appendices, glossaries, bibliographies, end notes, internet supports, etc.).


Explore the book: discuss the cover art, the opening credits, table of contents, the alphabetic catechism in the back of the book, the prayers for memorization given there also, the glossary and the art credits.


Gather resources and supplies for this course and find a place to store them conveniently.

Read and discuss "God Is Our Father," pp. 6-9;
memorize the Our Father prayer;
study Questions 1-3;  
study "Creation of the Sun and Moon," Raphael.


Read and discuss "Heaven Is Our Home," pp. 10-13;
memorize the Sign of the Cross prayer;
study Question 4;
study "Last Judgment," Fra Angelico.


Read and discuss "God Watches Over Everything," pp. 14-17;
study Questions 5-9;
study "Creation of the Animals," Raphael.


Read and discuss "God’s Special Gifts," pp. 18-21;
memorize the Prayer to our Guardian Angel;
study Questions 10-13;
study "Tobit and Angel," Rosa.


Read and discuss "Adam and Eve," pp. 22-25;
study Questions 14-15;
study "Creation of the Animals," Brill.


Read and discuss "A Sad Story," pp. 26-29;
study Questions 16-19;
study "Annunciation," Fra Angelico.


Read and discuss "A Time of Waiting," pp. 30-32;
study Question 20;
study "Abraham and the Angels," Raphael.


Read and discuss "Getting Ready for the Savior," pp. 33-35;
study Question 21;
study "Moses and the Burning Bush," Raphael.


Read and discuss "Mary Hears Some Wonderful News," pp. 36-39;
memorize the Hail Mary and the Glory Be;
study Questions 22-23;
study "Annunciation," Lippi.


Read and discuss "The Savior Is Born," pp. 40-43;
study Questions 24-26;
study "Nativity," Barocci.


Read and discuss "Three Wise Men Arrive," pp. 44-47;
memorize the Morning Offering;
study Questions 27-28;
study "Adoration of the Magi," Fra Angelico.


Read and discuss "Jesus Grows Up," pp. 48-51;
study Questions 29-30;
study "St. Joseph the Carpenter," George de La Tour.


Read and discuss "Jesus Begins His Work," pp. 52-55;
study Question 31;
study "Calling the First Apostles," Ghirlandaio.


Read and discuss "Jesus Tells the Good News," pp. 56-59;
study Question 32;
study "Sermon on the Mount," Rosselli.



Preparatory Week C: This is a bonus week. Use it for Semester 1 catch-up, corrections, review, assessment testing, standardized testing, or semester reporting (Semester 1 reporting packets are due February 28th). Welcome/assessment packets for the upcoming school year may be ordered as early January 10th. Families are strongly encouraged to complete and return assessment tests by April


Preparatory Week D: This is a second bonus week. Complete Preparatory Week C or begin the Semester 2 course plan.

Read and discuss "Jesus Does Wonderful Things," pp. 60-63;
study Question 33;
study "Christ Healing the Blind Man of Jericho," Poussin.


Read and discuss "We Believe in Jesus," pp. 64-67;
study Question 34;
study "Christ and the Centurion," Veronese.


Read and discuss "The Best Gift of All," pp. 68-71;
study Questions 35-37;
study "The Last Supper," Titian.


Read and discuss "Jesus Dies for Us," pp. 72-75;
study Questions 38-39;
study "Deposition," Fra Angelico.


Read and discuss "Jesus Was Raised to New Life," pp. 76-79;
study Questions 40-41;
study "The Seven Joys of Mary," Memling.


Read and discuss "Jesus Begins the Church," pp. 80-83;
study Questions 42-44;
study "Presenting the Keys to St. Peter," Perugino.  (This piece is often used as the example of the then newly discovered art technique called “perspective.”)


Read and discuss "Jesus Goes Back to Heaven," pp. 84-86;
study Question 45;
study "The Seven Joys of Mary," Memling.  (Why is this picture different than the one on p. 76, though each appear to be named “Detail”?  Each is a “detail”, or a part, of a larger painting.)


Read and discuss "The Holy Spirit Comes," pp. 87-89;
study Questions 46-47;
study "Pentecost," Titian.


Read and discuss "The Blessed Trinity," pp. 90-93;
memorize the Glory Be prayer;
study Questions 48-51;
study "Debate Over the Blessed Sacrament," Raphael.


Read and discuss "God Gave You His Life," pp. 94-97;
study Questions 52-54.


Read and discuss "Many Gifts from God," pp. 98-101;
study Questions 55-56.


Read and discuss "Our Mother, Mary," pp. 102-105;
memorize the Hail Holy Queen prayer;
study Question 57;
study "Coronation of the Virgin," Velasquez.


Read and discuss "Following Jesus," pp. 106-109;
study Question 58;
study "Entry into Jerusalem," Fra Angelico.


Read and discuss "Jesus Will Come Again," pp. 110-112;
study and memorize Question 59;
study "The Ascension," Mantegna.


Read and discuss "We Go to Mass," pp. 113-116 [END].


No assignments.



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