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Course Registration No. LIT-658


Titles from Landscape with Dragons, Paideia Program, or other fine literature lists, and Five in a Row!




A Landscape With Dragons: The Battle for Your Child’s Mind

  • Author: Michael O’Brien
  • ISBN: 0898706785        
  • Supplier: Retail or

260 pages; Ignatius Press; Rev and Exp edition (November 1998); 7 chapters; 5 part reading list, bibliography


Paideia Program

  • Author: Mortimer J. Adler
  • ISBN: 0020130406        
  • Supplier: Retail or

256 pages; Touchstone; 1st Macmillan Paperbacks Ed edition (November 1, 1984); 3 parts; 16 chapters; appendix (reading list)


Five in a Row, Volume 1 (OUT-OF-PRINT; SEE NEW EDITION)

  • Author: Jane Claire Lambert
  • Publisher/Copyright: Grandview, MO: Five in a Row Publishing, 1997, 1994. .
  • ISBN: 1888659009        9781888659009
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource

151 pgs.; 19 book units; Introductions, Instructions, Index, Glossary; 16 short appendices; craft and activity patterns and notes. (Older editions will work just as well.)





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