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"The Holy Family with St. John in Carpenter's Shop" – Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Classical, Flexible, and Personalized

The following page s list our core recommendations for each grade. You will not be buying every book or only the books listed. Students have a wide variety of abilities and aptitudes; schooling--especially homeschooling--needs to be adapted to different children in different ways. Your advisor will work with you to (a) match each child’s strengths and weaknesses to specific materials; (b) combine your students in texts and subjects; (c) choose a religion, history and science focus for the family for the year; and (d) weave materials you may already have or would prefer to use into your family’s course plan.

Books and materials are purchased by the family from various sources; provider names and addresses, order codes, and prices are included in the program packet. Costs for materials per child can range from $250.00 to $600.00, depending on the grade levels of your children and resources alread y available to you. Many of the materials are used for two or more years and most are non-consumable.

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