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This fall our family will begin our 8th year home schooling with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. This year's students will be in 3rd and 11th grades. Our experience with STAA has been wonderful. Some years we have followed the suggested course of study closely and others we have generated our own courses too. We have been very

impressed with STAA's choices for our children. We have all enjoyed the way STAA ties courses together for the whole family. For example, most years we have chosen 1 science subject and 1 history period to study with the whole family. Our religion, art, and literature classes usually tie into the history period also which reinforces each subject. We usually read aloud from the suggested books, then do activities or papers according to age and abilities. Our oldest graduated from STAA 2 years early by taking the CHSPE. She then took the assessment at our local Jr. college and was able to go directly into college level courses except for in math. She had taken Algebra I her sophomore year, so she assessed at Algebra II level as one would expect. She graduated from Jr. College in 2 years taking a rigorous course of study and was recognized by the President of the college as a home school student at the ceremonies. She will be attending our local state university this fall.

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