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I have three children, a son: age 8 (entering 3rd grade), a daughter: age 6 (entering 1st grade), and a pre-pre-school son: age 3. Last year we were recommended to teach "The Morning Offering" prayer as part of their Religion requirement. Myself a convert, and even my husband, a "cradle Catholic," were unaware of this prayer,

but I found it and learned it. We have made it a morning routine that they cannot watch TV with breakfast (a habit in itself I know we need to break, but alas, that's another story...!) until they say their Morning Offering. Much to my amazement and joy, my oldest (late riser) stops himself while coming downstairs if the TV is already on, says the prayer by himself and then proceeds to come and join us!! This is a boy who is full of energy and independence is not second nature. I am so proud of him, and thankful that this can be something he will have for the rest of his life... Even our 3 year old has learned parts of this prayer, grace at meals, and his personal favorite, the Hail Mary. Our daughter, age 6, has memorized quite a handful of prayers, including the Act of Contrition and Apostles' Creed. This has nothing to do with my ability, believe me!, but DAILY prayers, morning and night, over the past years with STAA. We started while our oldest was in parochial kindergarten. Is it hard? Yes! Do I want to give up at times? Yes! But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! And being with STAA who offers experience, support, and the guesswork out of the plethora of homeschooling materials, it has been a godsend. I also appreciate how flexible you have been in offering options to pursue our interests through the "Home Generated Course Plan" and in allowing them to work at their own skill level and pace. It feels like a nurturing, home schooling community. I feel dependent (on God alone), independent (to get the job done), but I never feel alone. The kids are teaching me all the time. By the time the kids graduate, I'll have a PhD in patience!! I hope this helps. With all our struggles, it brings us a little closer to Jesus' own sufferings, and with all our joys, it helps us to boast more of the greatness of the Lord.

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