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I have a 9 year old boy in 4th grade, a 5 year old starting Kindergarten, a 3 and 1 years old. We joined STAA this year, and we believe STAA is truly a great blessing to our family. After we took the placement tests, my advisor had a detailed report to help us know more about the strength and weakness of our boy. My advisor really spent

the time to get to know me and my children, and help us individually. She did not just send us a standard curriculum to use. Instead, she went through each subject, had a detailed discussion with me, and found out the best curriculum that would fit to my boy's special needs and our family's situation. Since she is so experienced and knowledgeable about all the different choices in the homeschool curriculum market, she truly was a great help!!! For example, my boy loves history. We finished American history last year, but he has already done a lot of reading for European history by himself. Instead going to a year of Egyptian or Greek history as most other schools would have him do, STAA decided to do a quarter of Egyptian, a quarter of Chinese, and two quarters of Greek for him. The text books she picked out for him was perfect in content and fit into the time slots. One of my stresses about homeschooling was finding the right curriculum for my children. Now I feel much more confident and relieved. When I shared with my advisor the joy and hardships of my homeschooling experiences, she said this which really touched my heart: "You are foremost the mother, then the teacher." I really feel she is a friend to me who not only helps me with the academics, but also helps me to fulfill my vocation as a mother.

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