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After completing 9th grade with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, I did not hesitate to register my daughter for 10th grade. The consistent four-year high school overview helps me to feel secure with the broad picture of high school as well as where we are presently. The academically challenging subjects work together beautifully as a

unified whole. For instance, selections from Bulfinch’s Mythology are reflected in Astronomy, Greek History, and Greek Drama. The STAA recommended texts provide excellent learning opportunities. After studying Accurate Communication, Traditional Logic and Diagramming, I cannot imagine a high school program without them. It is a thrill to receive the delightfully arranged STAA curriculum weekly guidelines that keep us on track but allow for flexibility. When our church provided Bible Studies during Lent and Advent, we could substitute these hours for the recommended curriculum. The STAA package provides forms that facilitate reporting weekly progress and quarterly reports. We readily adapted to the procedure. The staff at STAA acknowledges that I am my child’s teacher and understands and supports the needs of our homeschooling family. One of my greatest concerns was whether my teaching/learning style would be agreeable to STAA. My daughter and I read and discuss the Great Books together in addition to her independent work. Encouragement was just a phone call away. Stress lifted and productivity increased. If in doubt, call! That’s my motto. When I was told to tell my daughter to study like a saint, I knew I was home. With STAA, we can celebrate and share our Catholic faith and heritage as well as our homeschooling life.

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